About Us

TKS Direct is owned and operated by TKS Security (Turn Key Systems, LLC).

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Founded in 2010, TKS Security is a licensed security agency and fire alarm contracting and installation company based in Michigan with clients all across the United States. We were founded by industry professionals from some of the largest security contracting firms on the planet—people that wanted to innovate and move the industry forward!

Our main focus is physical security and safety, but over the years our expertise has expanded into system integration, custom security/safety solutions, wireless networking, wireless back-haul, home automation, access control, WiFi services, and more!

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We initially started TKSDirect.com to give some of our larger clients easy access to what we consider to be the best, most reliable, and most affordable security, safety, home automation, entertainment, and wireless networking products on the market.

Essentially we created a one-stop shop for products that we know and trust! In fact, we only sell products that we install, trust, and use in our homes and offices.

And the results were fantastic—our clients loved it!

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Nowadays anyone can order from TKSDirect.com!

And even though our audience has grown, our goal remains the same:

We work hard to take the stress out of ordering security technology. We do this by offering an easy-to-use website that makes it easy-to-order, and only offers what we consider to be the most reliable and affordable products on the market—products that we have personally researched, products that we install, and products that we love!



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